Our Mission

Access to justice is about more than getting the most amount of people through the court system as efficiently as possible.

The law silently underpins our daily interactions from the highest level of government and financial institutions right down to the food we eat and the hours we work. While not everyone will have direct interaction with the court system, everyone has contact with the law throughout their lives. We believe that knowledge is powerful. We believe that equal access to reliable information is a key element of a just society.


We seek to increase access to justice by providing substantive and engaging free content relevant to the most people, focussing on the pinch points in life. Some pinch points include direct interactions with a lawyer (such as in divorce, wills & estates, incorporating a business, personal injury, losing a job, or buying a home). In many other instances the practical aspects of those interactions are more significant than the legal underpinnings, such as the psychological, health, and financial impacts leading to or related to dealings with the legal system (such as living with a disability, budgeting money, or knowing where to turn for help when life becomes overwhelming).


Recognizing that no one professional has the depth or breadth of knowledge to address all aspects of all the pinch points, we invite professionals in their fields to share reliable information with our listeners. In doing so, we seek to destigmatize conversations about the law, health, mental health, finances, and other related fields. We aim to offer a non-judgmental, open space for sharing and for learning without gatekeeping knowledge.

Our goal for listeners is to make them feel like they are sitting down with a trusted professional, that they come away with a basic understanding of the topic, and that they would feel prepared to sit down with that type of professional for a first appointment for individual advice.

Our goal for our guests /professionals is to allow them to share what they wish every person sitting down in their office already knew when they came in for their first meeting with them, and for them to end up with a resource (in the form of the podcast episode) that they can provide to the public.


We seek to:

1)        Educate about the law, procedure, conventions, and changes and updates in those areas;

2)        Explore all options available to resolve disputes outside of the court processes;

3)        Highlight resources available for free that can help provide greater access to justice; and,

4)        Span all topics, especially those areas of justice and related to justice that present the greatest barriers to entry.