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Guest: Lucy Arruda

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Are you watching interest rates soar worrying about how it might affect you as a homeowner or potential homeowner? Did you know that the interest rate is just one part of the mortgage picture? Listen to this episode of Access to Justice when we chat with mortgage broker, Lucy Arruda, about what to consider when crafting the perfect mortgage (and find out how she can help)!

Guest Bio

Lucy has been a full-time mortgage broker for over 15 years. Choosing the right mortgage can save you thousands. Lucy is passionate about sharing her experience and her knowledge.

As an experienced Mortgage Professional, I help clients with their dream of owning their own home each and every day, dealing with Canada's largest banks, trust companies, credit unions and financial institutions. I work on behalf of my clients to find the mortgage that best suits their needs, expertise in all facets of residential mortgage lending will not only ensure that clients receive the best interest rate possible, but also that my clients understand and obtain the mortgage product that is right for them. You can always be confident that you will receive expert advice that is second to none. I work for my clients to provide independent, unbiased advice that is tailored to fit their needs.

Clients going through a separation or divorce know it is never easy and it can be a very a stressful situation, especially when a home is involved and one party wants to remain in the home to offer stability for their children and for their own lives while going through so many changes.

This is when you want to contact a licensed and accredited mortgage professional early in the process to help guide you through your options.

For many separating couples, this involves taking the advantage of the Spousal Buy-Out Program. This program allows one spouse to “purchase” the matrimonial home from the other spouse and other spouse’s name is removed from the house title. The program allows up to 95% of the house to be financed unlike the regular bank programs which only allow 80% to be refinanced. No longer being on the house title or mortgage allows the other party to move on with their new life and possibly qualify for new home in their own name.

Specialties: Mortgage Pre-Approvals, Purchases, Refinances, Spousal Buy-Outs, Debt Consolidation, Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC's), Self-Employed/Non-verifiable Income, New to Canada, Bruised Credit & Discharged Bankruptcy.


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