A Tour of the Collaborative Law Meeting

Guest: Jeff Johnson

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If you're deciding how to resolve your separation or divorce, know that process matters! Access to Justice chats with lawyer Jeff Johnson of Court Stults Johnson about how using Collaborative Family Law can help you feel better about the outcome.

Guest Bio

“I believe it is the greatest call of a lawyer to truly understand a client’s life and situation and to help find a solution to either solve a problem, or take an opportunity. My engagement with the law is primarily to help clients in crisis regain their footing and be capable of moving forward, while leaving behind the negativity, and eventually the pain, of conflict by way of a resolution they have participated in and are satisfied with.” – Jeff Johnson

Jeff graduated law school in 2009, and after a 5 year hiatus during which he followed his interests in specialty coffee and food by spending time building a small hospitality business, he returned to the profession of law. Jeff was called to the Alberta and Northwest Territories Law Societies in 2015.

In addition to being a lawyer, Jeff has been a musician for more than 25 years, playing bass instruments in all styles of music (mostly jazz and classical). He also spent 15 years at MacEwan University as a music educator.

Jeff is the father of two energetic and curious children. Jeff and his family love to spend time outside; biking, hiking and skiing in the mountains. They also spend significant time practicing and teaching martial arts.


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