Taxation in Divorce

Guest: Angela Richardson

Episode Details

Find out how spending an hour with an independent accountant before you sign your separation agreement could end up saving you thousands of dollars.

Tune into Access to Justice with Angela Richardson C.P.A., to learn about the tax implications you should be considering!

Guest Bio

We specialize in small/medium business.  

I’ve been a Chartered Professional Accountant since 2006. 

I’ve got over 20 years experience working with small/medium business in public practice 

I’m part of the divorced club so I had a personal interest in researching the various tax implications. Since then, I’ve been able to assist several clients over the years separate their assets/structure their agreements.  A tax return of a divorcing person… or single parent post-divorce can be quirky. 

My passion is helping people in achieving their entrepreneurial dreams… and through difficult times. Divorce can be a part of that journey… but it shouldn’t be a larger hurdle (for tax purposes) than what it needs to be. 



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