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Why would you need a business valuation?

What drives the value of a business?

Are there different considerations when a business is being valued in litigation versus for accounting purposes?

Don’t miss our conversation with Vince Gervais of Frost Valuations Inc when we take a deep dive into what goes into putting a dollar value on a business.

Guest Bio

Vince Gervais, CBV is a principal at Frost Valuations in Edmonton, AB.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce and is a Chartered Business Valuator. Vince has been valuing Alberta and Saskatchewan businesses since 2008.

Outside of work, he is an avid cyclist, an aficionado of classic literature, a Francophile and is the owner of a Costa Rican coffee farm, the Dota Coffee Company, which prides itself on equal trade. https://www.dotacafe.com/​ 

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