Bankruptcy and Insolvency

Guest: Sandra Landry

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Insolvency is when you can't cover your monthly bills and debt re-payments, a spot that more and more Albertans are finding themselves in as the pandemic nears the 2 yrs mark.

If you are having trouble making ends meet, find out what your options are and where to turn for help when we chat with Licensed Insolvency Trustee, Sandra Landry of MNP Ltd.

Guest Bio

Sandra Landry is a licensed insolvency trustee at MNP LTD. She provides help to individuals and small businesses struggling with debt.

In addition, Sandra offers responsive and timely service and free, non-judgmental and unbiased information and advice about debt relief options.

MNP Debt is a well-experienced licensed insolvency trustee firm and is licensed to administer consumer proposals and bankruptcy. Their licensed insolvency trustees help you explore the debt relief options available to you, and together they will find the solution that best fits your situation. The firm provides debt and bankruptcy solutions that are life-changing and permanent to erase debt from your life. In addition, MNP Debt offers a free consultation.

There are significant options open to both individuals and businesses which include credit counselling, orderly payment of debt, proposals and bankruptcy. It's important that everyone understands what those options include and it's my role as Trustee to ensure that people are able to make the right choice for themselves and their own situation.

Specialties: Personal Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, Orderly Payment of Debts, Debt Consolidation, Informal Debt Settlement, Credit Counselling, Repayment Plan, Unsecured Creditor, W Debt Payment Strategies, Corporate Recovery and Restructuring, Mediating, Trustee Under Dependent Adult Orders & Corporate Executor of Deceased Estates


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