Limited Scope Services

Guest: Ken Proudman

Episode Details

Are you in a situation where you can’t afford a lawyer but you don’t qualify for Legal Aid?

Or maybe most of your case is pretty straightforward but you could use some support with one or more aspects of your case?

Limited scope services and legal coaching could be the solution to your problems!

Tune in to our latest episode where we talk with Ken Proudman about and how to get connected with lawyers who offer limited scope services and legal coaching.

Guest Bio

Ken Proudman is the President of the Alberta Legal Coaches & Limited Services Society. 

During the day, he’s a partner, family law lawyer, and arbitrator at BARR LLP, and at night he teaches the Advanced Family Law course at the University of Alberta. 

He’s also a regular speaker at Legal Education Society of Alberta, Canadian Bar Association, and Alberta Civil Trial Lawyers Association events.


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