How Does Debt Impact your Divorce

Guest: Krista Lindstrom

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Can you afford to keep your home after going through a separation or divorce?  

Don’t miss the next episode of Access to Justice when we interview Krista Lindstrom about spousal buyout mortgages with wanders into credit ratings, snowmobiling, and cell phone bills.

You can watch Krista blow Heather’s mind when she explains how CMHC-insured mortgages work and you’ll learn how Krista can work with your lawyer to help the home transfer go smoothly.  

Guest Bio

I LOVE my work as a mortgage broker. My experience and volume get me access to products other mortgage brokers can’t. I provide mortgage reduction strategies, flexible scheduling, excellent knowledge and of course great rates come naturally. Every lender has their “box” and it’s my job to know how to fit you into each lender’s “box” or qualifying criteria. Tell me your story and I will find you the correct lender! 

I hold three different accreditations: 

Certified Collaborative Financial Neutral – I am a proud member of the Collaborative Divorce Association of Alberta and the Canadian Collaborative Divorce Association – I do hundreds of matrimonial property divisions a year for individuals who are looking to become financially independent of the spouse or common law partner. 

Licensed Life Insurance Broker – Owning a home is the single largest purchase you will make in your life – often it makes good sense to protect it. Having a life insurance brokering license allows me to provide excellent insurance options already knowing your mortgage information. 

Mortgage Broker – I really enjoy working with numbers and knowing all the “insider” terms of mortgage products – I really like to dig in and understand.

Did you know that sometimes the lowest rate costs you more? I can explain the details of why you should consider something, so you can make an informed decision that is best for you and your family. 

Having gone thru my own divorce and owning rental properties myself, I have a fair amount of life experience that can help guide you to your goals. 

If you are looking for a mortgage broker who is a living breathing example of financial security, smart decision making, and a wealth of knowledge I’m your lady! 

I am a mother to two wonderful adult children and a step mother to a fine young lady and a wife to Neil. We enjoy playing games and spending time as a family. I love to vacation and we are avid scuba divers on vacation. At home we spend a lot of time in the summer at my parents’ place at the lake surfing and waterskiing. Neil and I enjoy camping and fishing and, in the winter, we enjoy ripping up the mountains skiing or riding our snowmobiles. 




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